Subsidized by CDTI

We proudly announce that EBATINCA has been awarded a NEOTEC grant by the Centro Tecnológico de Desarrollo Industrial (CDTI) of the Ministry for Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain. The award was published on December 30th 2020.

The title of our NEOTEC project is “Medical Image Computing for Sustainable Development (MIC4SusDev)”. It will be developed during two years (2021 and 2022) with a budget of 275.000€, including a grant from CDTI of 192.500€.

Further information about this call and its outcome can be found at CDTI in this link.

The NEOTEC Program aims to support the creation and consolidation of technology-based startup companies.

A technology-based startup company is a novel company whose activity focuses on the exploitation of products or services that require the use of technologies or knowledge developed from research activity. Such companies base their business strategy or activity on the intensive domain of scientific and technical knowledge.

The most relevant aspect in the proposals supported by the NEOTEC program must be a business strategy based on the development of technology (technology must be the competitive differentiating factor of the company) leveraged by the startup’s own R&D activity.

Subsidized by CDTI