Quality policy and R+D

EBATINCA, SL is an international technology development company dedicated to complex and innovative research and development projects in different fields. It is also dedicated to medical applications, software integration and consulting for internationalization projects. In that sense the scope of action of this quality policy and R+D+i covers in terms of quality: The design and development of software in the field of medical imaging and the design and development of internationalization consulting activities. And in terms of R+D+i: Research, development and innovation in software for the analysis and visualization of medical images and research, development and innovation in the manufacture of phantoms for medical training.

Our purpose is none other than to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders, aspiring to be the leading company in the Canary Islands in technological and business development. All this through compliance with the requirements, rules and regulations applicable and achieve a leadership status in the framework of R & D + i in order to promote organizational development and thus improve the service provided by the same.

  • The Management of EBATINCA, SL declares and establishes the following commitments:
  • Comply with applicable legislation and regulations, as well as other requirements to which the organization subscribes.
  • Involve, train and make responsible the people who integrate the organization to respect, share and apply the Quality Management System and R+D+i, whether they are workers, suppliers, subcontractors or other interested parties.
  • To have a multi-skilled team, keeping it continuously trained.
  • Encourage diversity and inclusion in the workplace, promoting a work environment that respects equal opportunities and diversity of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and abilities.
  • Pay special attention to the needs and expectations of our customers and other stakeholders in order to improve in a sustainable manner over time.
  • To provide the company with the necessary resources for its proper functioning and that allow us to offer our clients quality services, transmitting confidence in our work.
  • Promote open innovation, collaborating with academic institutions, research centers and other organizations to share knowledge and develop joint solutions.
  • Establish quality and R&D&I objectives that challenge and ensure the continuous improvement of our work and its results.
  • Promote R&D&I opportunities in our field of activity.
  • Foster a culture of R&D&I among our staff, encouraging creativity and teamwork.
  • To properly exploit and protect the results of our R&D&I activities.
  • Regularly evaluate the performance of our Quality Management System and R&D&I, through internal and external audits, to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for optimization.
  • Keep updated on trends and advances in technology, regulation and best practices in our field of activity, to ensure that our work is always aligned with the highest standards of quality and innovation.

The general objectives of EBATINCA, SL are to comply with these fundamental principles that constitute the framework of the organization for the development of its Quality Management System and R+D+i.

Professionalism, integrity, honesty, transparency, proximity, kind and respectful treatment of people are the main values that govern the behavior of the staff of EBATINCA SL.

The application of this Policy requires the active integration of the entire EBATINCA S.L. team. To this end, the Management considers motivation and training for Quality and R+D+i a priority. This Policy serves as a reference framework to establish and review the objectives of Quality and R+D+i and, by virtue of this, it is implemented, kept up to date, reviewed and communicated to all employees and stakeholders.

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